Friday, June 17, 2005

My child

So I take little bit to my mom's yesterday and I park at the end of the sidewalk in front of mom's house. I get out and sit her bag down on the sidewalk and proceed to get her out of the car. I get her out and sit her down and tell her, Okay, well, mommy loves you. I'll see you later. and act like I am getting back in my car. She looks funny and then laughed and said, "go inside mommy."

I can forsee years of counseling for this poor child. I'm such a kid myself.

I feel bad because I've been a horrible mommy about keeping track of everything. I don't even have a baby book. But I can tell you right off the top of my head, she started walking July 7, 2003, she got her first tooth in January, 2003. She cracks me up. The things she says and does.

For instance:

bathing suit = baby soup
mermaid = wormaid
mommy = mommmeeeeeee
daddy = daddyeeeeee
Yeah me do

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